Troubleshooting Common Garage Door Problems

The garage door shows you malfunctioning for different reasons. When the garage door gets older it can start to malfunction, the springs can lose the strength to lift the garage door, the motor loses the power, tracks become dented or damaged,  and the opener becomes malfunctions. Simple garage door problems can be handled on your own while others will need services from certified garage Door Companies to fix or replace the damaged parts. For more information about garage door companies, visit the link

There are some common problems with a garage door that you can fix on your own. The most common complaint is that the garage door is not responding at all or simply opening. In case, if you push the button of remote but your garage door is not responding then there are a few points that need to be checked.

  • Check the remote to make sure that they have enough working batteries
  • Check the opener to make sure that the motor is plugged in correctly
  • Check the fuse box to make sure that the breaker or fuse is not tripped
  • Check the transmitter to make sure that the antenna is  hanging down
  • Check the wall-mounted keypad to see if it will work to open the garage door. In case, it does work properly then you need to reprogram the opener or replace the remote control.

Another common issue is that the garage door is not closing the way it should. It means that the garage door is not able to slide down on the metal tracks. Inspect the tracks thoroughly to find out the bends, obstructions, and other damages. Disconnect the garage door from the opener and try to lift and lower it by hand to test the strength of the tracks and springs. If you can raise and lower the garage door manually without any difficulty then the problem lies with the limit switch of the garage door which needs adjustment. In case, the close limit switch is:

  • Too far from the opener then the garage door will not open at all
  • Too close to the opener then the garage door will cost bit the motor will not stop working

In these situations, it is always best to leave the task of the configuration of the limit switch to a professional and trained garage door technician. There may be garage door safety sensors that can cause malfunctioning. Automatic garage doors are equipped with two safety sensors which are placed near the bottom of the garage door to prevent the garage door from closing on cars, toddlers, pets, or anything else. If something is blocking the path of the photo eyes of sensors then they will not stop the garage door from closing. If you experience that the garage door starts to go down and then stops and reverses before fully closing, then you should clean the photo eyes of sensors to ensure that nothing is obstructing the path of sensors. Overall it is highly suggested that hire a professional garage door services to handle the garage door problems.