Common Garage Door Problems and Their Troubleshoot Techniques

While a garage door is designed to last a long time but it will eventually malfunction or break over time and most likely need the help of professional garage door technicians for garage door repair and garage door opener repair. You might have experienced one of the most common failures of garage doors:

  • Cocked garage door:

A garage door that does not close completely on either side or seems to jam maybe have frayed or worn out cables or pulleys. In simple words, the operating mechanism that opens and closes partially needs your attention. Trained and experienced garage door technicians can fix the problems easily and help you to decide if a replacement is required. During an extreme situation, a professional recommends the whole garage door replacement.

  • Jammed garage door:

A stuck garage door that will neither open nor close is likely caused by bent tracks or broken cables. The garage door springs may also be broken or nonfunctional. Before calling the garage door experts, make sure that the garage door opener is in a good working position. To verify it, open and close the garage door by hand and replace the battery of the opener first.

  • Loud band coming from the garage:

If your garage door closes with a loud bang before it is starting functioning, your garage door has a broken garage door spring. Professional garage door experts can replace broken springs easily. Having a professional check and fix your broken springs ensures that you will not a second service call for other unnecessary jobs. Don’t try to replace the broken springs on your own as it could be risky and dangerous project.

  • Squeaking garage door:

If the opening and closing process of the garage door is accomplished by squeaks and loud sounds then dry running components such as, bearings, hinges, and rollers may be causing the malfunction. These issues can easily be prevented by performing DIY garage door projects and hiring professional garage door experts to do routine maintenance on the garage doors. Failure to keep garage door parts lubricated according to the manufactures directions can lead to serious and unnecessary wear and tear. 

  • The garage door opens but not closes properly:

A garage door that will open properly but may not close is caused by dirty photo eyes of garage door sensors located at the bottom of the garage door near the floor. Dust and debris in front of the eyes of sensors can fool the mechanism into believing there are obstructions under the garage door. In this case, the garage door will not close as a safety measure. If the photo eyes of the sensors are not the problem, call professional garage door experts in your locality. The sensors may need to be aligned or replaced.