About Us

Who We Are?

Artfullyaware is a clothing store based in Phoenix, Arizona that sells high quality clothes, accessories and other fashion commodity that ready to use for any occasion. We believe that everyone should be able to afford well designed and unique clothes that do not cost an arm and a leg, thus, this is what we aim to provide with the products we offer.

All of our designs here at Artfullyaware are unique and produce in limited quantities. This is to preserve as well the products we produce. Who’d want a shirt, dress, or even skirt that doesn’t stand out, right? As such, we aim to always deliver.


Making Your First Order?

Online shopping not your cup of tea? No worries because Artfullyaware uses a website that is user friendly and easily navigate-able. It’s easy. For sure by the end of your first purchase, you’d keep coming back for more.

Just navigate through the website to check on the clothing items we have on display. If you like something, just click the Add to Cart button to place it in your online shopping cart for check out. Voila, you made your first purchase. You may also review the items you picked by clicking the Cart button on the upper right side of the website.

For easier and better experience in shopping with Artfullyaware, we encourage you to create an account with us. You could also save your payment details with us for your next transaction. After placing your order, you’ll immediately receive a feedback from us as we prepare your orders to be delivered.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: After payment, please send us a clear, full photo of your receipt at products@Artfullyaware.com. This also gives you assurance that your order was successfully received.

For more information on how our process work, just send us an email at info@artfullyaware.com.