An Auction to Benefit Children with Autism
An Auction to Benefit Children with Autism
Saturday, November 9th, 2013; 7pm - 10pm

Liberty Hall


The Factory at Franklin

230 Franklin Rd

Franklin, TN

Live Musical Performances

Logan Blade
Logan Blade is a 21 year old young man from Culleoka, Tennessee that has found his niche in life. Diagnosed with Autism at the age of two, Logan still has little to no conversation skills. He will only talk in phrases and never in sentences. But, put a microphone in his hand, and it's almost like the Autism disappears. With his baritone voice, strong and rich, he sings with impeccable delivery. Logan has perfect pitch, can name any music chord with out even looking at the guitar or piano, can write out any song in manuscript, and can hear a song and play it immediately afterwards. Logan has sang center court at an Atlanta Hawks game, The Autism Speaks Walk in Nashville, and the NATO convention in Norfolk Va, where he sang for 28 world leaders. He has also performed at the world famous Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville and a sold out crowd at Pucketts In Columbia. This past May, he was invited to NYC to sing on the USS Intrepid along with The Culleoka Chorus NXS. He has also performed at Dollywood and Country Tonight in Pigeon Forge, TN. Logan just recorded his first CD this past November called "Fitting In". The album contains songs by one of his favorite artist Josh Turner, who Logan had the privilege of singing with on The Grand Ole Opry. Logan loves going to area churches and events to sing. We hope you will be blessed by what God has done in Logan's life.
- Logan's Mom
Ben Liske
Ben Liske was diagnosed with Autism and probable cognitive deficits at the age of 23 months. Today, Ben is accelerated two full academic grades, and is currently a 13 year-old high school sophomore at the University School of Nashville. Passionate about music, art, advanced mathematics and general academics, cryptology, architecture, and weather—just to name a few interests—Ben is a well-rounded sort of guy. Ben is also a member of Mensa Honors Society, Davidson Institute for Young Scholars, Duke TIP Program, and Vanderbilt Summer Academy. Most importantly, Ben also has a passion for giving back to the Autism community—he was the 2006 Autism Society of America poster child for the Voice of Autism campaign, starred in the 2008 Dan Marino Foundation Autism Self-Advocacy Network PSA, and the 2013 PBS documentary, “Autism in America”. Ben was also the Tennessee VSA 2nd Place Young Soloist winner, and has performed piano and vocals for countless state local and national charity events in support of early intervention and research for Autism. Ben views himself as a “twice-exceptional, neuro-diverse” individual and is thankful for the ongoing love and support of the Nashville Community.